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The European Football cup in France is one of the world's largest sporting events but it's also gearing up to be one of the most technically advanced ever. In addition to the live linear broadcast feeds, football fans will view their teams on a range of devices from mobile phones to tablets and connected TVs. This will also be the first major football tournament to use Virtual Reality technology. No one will miss any action.

At Akamai we are proud to be the partner of choice for over 30 broadcasters and rights holders around the world, trusted to deliver a fantastic streaming experience to fans – first time, every time. Our customers and the Akamai team have been hard at work planning for the event, thinking through every eventuality from camera to device to make sure fans get a perfect on-line experience. We also expect the tournament to break new records for on-line sports events not just in terms of on-line audience figures but every other conceivable metric. Whilst the action is underway, we will be posting a range of metrics as well as other interesting facts on this site, so be sure to visit regularly. We've also provided a range of useful resources that will help you think about some of the challenges of delivering live events on-line and how you can solve these.

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Tournament Video Statistics
    Average Video Bitrate  
Bitrate, describes the rate at which bits of data are transferred from one location to another in a given amount of time. Bitrate can also describe the quality of an audio or video file. Just like the quality of an image is measured in resolution, the quality of an audio or video file is measured by the bitrate. A video file that is compressed at a high bitrate will look better than the same file compressed at a low bit rate.
    Peak Audience Size     Max Peak Traffic
  • Tournament Audience Size

    * This graph represents the trend of viewership through the event for all broadcasters using Akamai. All times in GMT.

    Match Statistics
    Average Video Bitrate
    Peak Audience Size
    Max Peak Traffic

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